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Kynetx helps companies build products and services that talk to their users. When products become social, you can have a relationship with them, just like the relationship you have with your friends. And products can even have relationships with their manufacturer, their service provider, and even other people. Social products, connected to their owners and others, greatly enhance the experience of owning and using things. And that's great news for merchants and customers alike.


SquareTag is a unique social product platform that connects people to the things they love, depend on, and use every day. SquareTag lets product talk to their owners and lets companies talk to their customers. Using SquareTag you can create the Internet of My Things.

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Fuse lets your car talk to you. Imagine your car telling you how to get better mileage or how to take better care of it. Imagine your car helping you track your miles for tax deduction or schedule a service appointment. Imagine your car helping your teen driver be safer—and lower your insurance costs. Fuse does all that and more.

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LiveWeb Platform

The Kynetx LiveWeb platform is great for taking action in context because it can integrate multiple disparate systems and make decisions based on the data that they provide to improve business processes. LiveWeb is designed and built from the ground up for interoperability, so it can flexibly work with any sources, targets and workloads.

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